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Water Management Case Study

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Potential impact on water or groundwater

Part of the drinkable waters of the city of Torino comes from deep pits and part from the river Po. The gravel not only does not interfere with the quality of waters but is, on the contrary, is used to improve the quality.

Action on

Extraction site.

Description of the good practice

The gravel pit (operating under the water table by dredging) has been restored following the criteria imposed by the authority in order to improve the quality of the waters coming of the river Po and later addressed in the treatment plants. The project of rehabilitation of the quarry has been conceived in fact to use the natural pond of the quarry for the first treatment of the water taken from the river Po (that flows nearby). So far every detail (the kind of vegetation allowed to grow on the side of the lakes, the level of the waters in the lake, the shape and height of the banks etc.) has been studied not only to maximize the vegetation and the biodiversity, but also to assure the better settling and filtering of the waters.

Description of the positive effects on water/groundwater

The following process of treatment of the waters (to make them drinkable) may be more cost / efficient. The previous natural settling and filtering process in the pond allows the waters to be later treated in the public water treatment plant with a lighter and cheaper process and with less use of chemical agents.