Porzner-Kies Naturstein Zentrum Zapfendorf


UEPG Sustainable Development Awards 2013

Zapfendorf -


To give back the Main its natural meadow by integrating the gravel quarrying.


In the 19th century the Main has been converted into a water highway in order to transport wood. This straightening led to an accelerated draining, to an erosion of the river bed and finally to an ecologically structural pauperism.


The new riverbed was created while the quarrying activities were in progress.

To adjust the planning to local circumstances and to be able to shift the intersections between the public Main and the private dredging location.

The adaptation to the weather while the construction period to minimize the nature impact.


They were successful to convey the valuable raw material gravel for the supply of the domestic industry while improving its image.

Flora and fauna benefits form the created biodiversity in terms of sustainability that contributes to the environmental education and the soft tourism.


Bavarian Water Resources Management authority.