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Water Management Case Study

Dieulouard, Meurthe-et-Moselle -


To regulate rises in the water level of the Moselle river by integrating sand and gravel pits within the regional management plan of floods.

To decrease risks of breaking embankments.


Dieulouard is a sand and gravel pit located very close to the Moselle river. The extraction of the sand and gravel results in the creation of several ponds. These ponds are the consequence of the application of a rehabilitation management plan promoting a rich biodiversity and giving an answer to the risk of rises in the water level of the Moselle river in the region.


To decrease the impact of the rises in the water level on the banks (involving sometimes the breaking of the banks or dyke), a system of hydraulic thresholds, grassy or rocky, has been established.

These facilities allow a better water circulation during occasional rises in the water level of the Moselle river. These constructions decrease the risks of flooding and of breaking the banks.


The installation of a hydraulic threshold allows to the pond to play its role in regulating the rises in the water level of the river.

In addition, by facilitating the income of the water into the ponds, the threshold limits the risks of breaking the embankments.


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