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Water Management Case Study

Site de la Devèze à Caveirac, Gard -

Potential impact on water or groundwater

Mitigation of the flooding by using the quarry as a floodplain.

Action on

Extraction site.

Description of the good practice

This quarry is located in the south of France, close to the city of Nimes. The region is characterised by seasonal heavy rains which can lead to transform small rivers into torrents creating flooding.

In order to prevent flooding, a partnership has been developed with the local authorities and the quarry operator in order to use the quarry as a floodplain. In that objective, a deviation was established between the quarry and the adjacent river and a pumping system was installed. At the end of the site operation, then after the municipality will become the manager of the system.

Description of the positive effects on water/groundwater

From its implementation in 2002 to 2007, the installation worked 3 times.

Since many years and in spite of heavy rainy events, no flooding impacted the surroundings of the quarry.