UEPG Sustainable Development Awards 2016

Sand extraction site of Saint-Loup, Allier -


Minimising the impact on the aquatic life and morphology of the ecosystem through the recycling of the water usage during the process.


Building materials were first extracted in the bed of the river Allier. They were a resource easily accessible and with an excellent geotechnical quality. This practice has quickly shown its limits, because it impacted directly the aquatic life and caused a significant change in the morphology of the river. The creation of the site of Saint-Loup is thus the result of long term thinking and allows the community to maintain its supply of local materials.


To substitute the alluvium by very high terrace materials, save materials by valorising byproducts (clays), stabilising flows related to the transportation and travel. The study of fauna and flora of the area as an opportunity to increase biodiversity through the sand extraction site exploitation.


The recycling of 98.4% of waters available of the manufacturing process.

The reduction of groundwater pollution due to the implementation of security measures of three kinds: prevention, detection and protection.

Generation of a circular economy.

Cooperation with specialised local companies for preserving the original economic purpose by the agricultural rehabilitation of the land.


Local Commissions of Dialogue and Follow-up with municipalities, associations and residents.